Christian Bale reveals why he hasnt seen The Batman

For many, Batman’s best interpretation on the big screen is that of Christian Bale in The Dark Knight trilogy. However, Robert Pattinson and The Batman have questioned this again and again. With an international box office of almost $ 800 million, many people saw the work of Matt Reeves. Well, there is actually a very important person who has not done so, Christian Bale, who has finally revealed why he has not had the opportunity to see this tape.

In a recent talk interview with Variety, Bale was questioned about this specific topic, and has pointed out that he has simply not had the time to see _the Batman. However, the actor plans to change this as soon as possible. This was what he commented:

I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll see. Listen friend, I… It’s amazing the few movies I see. All the directors with whom I work, I have seen a couple of his movies, and always look at me and tell me: ‘Are you joking?’ I really like to taste the movies, and I don’t want to see too many. But I will, certainly I will. Robert [Pattinson] is an absolutely wonderful actor. We meet, we talked a little about that ahead of time and I heard wonderful things.

In the past, Bale has mentioned that he had not even seen a single MCU movie before getting the paper of Gor in thor: Love and Thunder. With rigorous training and constant roles for his career, it seems that the actor does not have time to stop for a moment and enjoy current cinema.


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Editor’s note:

Although The Dark Knight trilogy is spectacular, and each of these three films could be considered the best of the genus of super heroes, the Batman is a better interpretation of the comic character character. Both are good in their own merits.