The Genshin Impact will host an event In the ears in adventures

For Genshin Impact, a new intra-game event called according to the ears in adventures is announced, in which players have to go in a break to help the scientist to cope with the problems that arose due to black mud streams and clean the adit.

Travelers of the 28th rank of adventure and above, who completed the task The Secret of Rocky Tssin’s Glutters and discovered access to underground shaft mines, as well as improved the adjuvant of luminiferous stone to the second level, can take part in the event.

Description of the event:

  • Starting from the first day, the events will open appropriate tasks every day. Follow the task of the previous day to accept the new.
  • The adits during purification will be filled with dangerous black mud, which will significantly increase the power of attack and protection of monsters nearby. When the monsters are in the area covered, they will receive even more amplification.
  • Monsters will try to prevent you from, and black dirt will continue to ooze from the ground in the purified area. Equip an adjuvant of luminiferous stone and use a pure radiance to destroy black dirt, weaken the monsters and accelerate the purification process.
  • As black mud is removed, its complexity will increase. In the underground shaft mines, you can find more luminiferous crystals and increase the level of adjuvant of luminiferous stone.


The event In the ears in adventures will begin on June 22 and will last until July 4, 2022.