Ark: survival evolved

Steam version Resident Evil 7, Re: 2, Re: 3 The latest version of the late training and the non -compatible old version can be switched

Capcom is on June 16th in the PC (STEAM) version of the 3 survival horror series Resident Evil 7 , Resident Evil Re: 2 , Resident Evil Re: 3 DirectX 11 Ray Tracing Not Compatible Edition has started.

The upgrade patch that was immediately distributed along with the Capcom Showcase held the other day will be avoided as the minimum operation requirements will be high if it is automatically applied (GTX760 to 960, etc.) As a means, we were guided about how to turn Steam offline each time after turning off the automatic update settings in advance.

By distributing the DirectX 11 Ray Tracing non-compatible version, it is possible to switch between the updated version of the late training and the non-compatible old version, eliminating the steps to avoid the above upgrade, and the upgrade has already been applied. Even if you do, it will be possible to return to the old version.

How to switch to old version (common to 3 works)

Each update version of Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Re: 2, and Resident Evil RE: 3, which power up the latest play environment, such as late racing, high flame rate, and 3D audio. In addition to PC (Steam), the console supports upgrade programs from the old generation machine version, and PS5 (7/Re: 2/Re: 3) and Xbox Series X | S (7/Re: 2 Currently distributed for /Re: 3). Please check the official website for detailed upgrade methods of the console.