SME export support, Cornon One Game

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as Conjinwon) will recruit games in the second half of the 2022 game, which supports domestic game exports by the 24th.

The game is a business that can be used by game developers to select and use the services necessary for export. Open Market-only platform ‘Game The Game The Platform’ can search and search consulting, marketing, dubbing, translation, testing, and infrastructure.

Seven games will be selected through the recruitment in the second half to provide a total of 700 million won in services. It is aimed at domestic games based on mobile and online (PC) platforms without genre restrictions, and by October, more than one game must be launched directly to countries subject to overseas expansion.

If it is selected, you will receive up to 100 million won worth of available points, and you can choose the service required for overseas expansion on the game of the game.


The platform has a total of 166 services in consulting, marketing, game services, and infrastructure. You can get your back.

In addition, Conjinwon provides strategic consulting by assigning a dedicated game PM to help small and medium-sized game companies that lack of game development, so that they can launch games even if they do not experience overseas expansion.

The 2022 Games will hold an online business briefing on the official YouTube channel of Conjinwon from 2 pm on the 16th.

Companies that want to participate in the project can apply through the online official website online by 2 pm on June 24th.