Silent Hill: Christophe Gans verifies the Leaks and Konami functions well on a number of computer game (excluded).

There is consequently no more any kind of question that Silent Hill will certainly return. It continues to be to be seen exactly how, yet the several leakages allow us to recognize that an extraordinary episode is being created, that a remake of Silent Hill 2 is additionally in prepare which a movie will come to radiate again the permit on the side movie cinema. If she is not life like that?

If the return of Silent Hill in computer game has been the topic of several fantasies as well as particularly Leakages in current months, on the side of Konami, we make the deaf ear. Aside from the elimination of photos on Twitter last month for violation of copyright, the author has actually constantly played the card of We do not comment on rumors. If the proof and also ideas are increasing that the license could return in several forms and a number of video games, our current interview with Christophe Gans, on the celebration of the release at the film of the movie Le Pact des Loups in lengthy variation as well as recovered in 4K, enabled us to come back with an inside story: the one Konami is indeed working on the return of his franchise business via a number of video games.

What I can claim is that the film is rolling. I collaborate with Konami. The de Konami are totally on this and also I believe they were galvanized by the success of the reboots (Remakes editor’s note) of the Citizen Evil 2 and 3 which are wonderful video games, we have to return to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

Christophe Gans goes also more by explaining that this need for Konami to relaunch the Silent Hill franchise is merely based on the success of the last remakes of Resident Wickedness by Capcom, knowing that in regards to horror games, Silent Hill belongs to these significant works that the general public has actually wanted the return for years…


Actually, what is taking place is that… And also we understand remains in things… the franchise business (Silent Hill, Editor’s note) will certainly be relaunched in regards to computer game, and as a result the Movie will sign up and come in a global policy. I think that on a forum, somebody deduced that and he is flawlessly ideal; That is to state that certainly, the movie belongs to a whole. I am not claiming that it was Konami who asked us to make a new film, it ends up that a few months prior to the beginning of the pandemic, we are at the beginning of 2020, with Victor Hadida, adhering to the fatality of Samuel (Hadida, his Huge brother editor’s note), we have actually passed through all the civil liberties that Samuel had actually obtained as well as we said… We have the Fatal Framework franchise business and the Silent Hill license, we have to do something.