Hollow Knight: SILKSONG latest video release, new information for the first time in about 3 years. Release for Xbox is decided

On June 13, the developer Team Cherry released the latest trailer of Hollow Knight: Silkson currently being developed at the Microsoft event Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022. This is the first time in about three years for the official information disclosure of this work.

Hollow Knight: Silkson is a sequel to the popular metroidvania action game Hollow Knight. The character called Hornet, which also appeared in the previous work, is the main character, and adventures the new Kingdom of Mushi. To date, it has been revealed that more than 150 new characters of Mushi will appear, and craft elements such as weapons and traps will be introduced.

The video released this time contains plenty of Hornet action. While using a sword like a sewing needle as the main weapon, a battle full of speed is developed using a cool down system skill. You can also check the new actions grabbed by the object.

There is a bobbin under the physical strength gauge, and every time you defeat the enemy, a white silk thread is wrapped. This is a physical recovery system in this work. The recovery operation is much faster than the previous work, and there are scenes that have recovered in the jumping air around 44 seconds of the video. In this work, the cocoon is left in the dead place, and when the cocoon is gained during replay, the bobbin will be full.


Hollow Knight: Silkson has been developed for PC/Nintendo Switch. It is clear that it will be released for Xbox this time. In addition, it is also provided to the Subscription Service Xbox/PC Game Pass from the distribution date. It also supports streaming play through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

On the other hand, the distribution timing that the fans will know most that they want to know are still still hidden. The developer Team Cherry commented earlier that when this work was determined to have reached the quality and scale comparable to the previous work, Hollow Night, it will announce the release date. Isn’t that time yet? Attention is focused on the next follow-up.