A new Silent Hill movie could be in production

During the middle of the years 2000 the film industry surprised many with two Silent Hill adaptations in a film, which today are still appreciated by fans of the saga. Many were waiting for a third to close the plot, which never arrived, but it seems that now all this is about to change.

During an interview with Jeux Video, Christopher Gans, who directed the first Silent Hill movie, made a mention that a new tape could be released as soon as in 2023 . Of course, apparently it will be a restart of history and will not serve as a continuation. That could mean that it will be spliced with the supposed video games in production.

Here’s comments:


I am currently working on it. The script of a new Silent Hill movie that is totally independent of the two previous tapes and respects the way the franchise has evolved.

Silent Hill is a bit like the unknown dimension, the fourth dimension, a place where everything can happen. I worked on a new Silent Hill that is a work of the year 2023 since the film would be released next year… and not an adaptation as I imagined in 2006.

It is worth commenting that the two past films of Silent Hill became cult classics, since as the franchise was not so known at a level of popular culture, they failed to raise a lot at the box office. The first film raised 50 million with a budget of 100 million, thus being a commercial failure for the producer.

Editor’s note : With the popularity that the saga is generating today, it is likely to be a hit in cinematographic terms, because for now the fans want to consume anything in relation to the brand. In addition, this will further promote interest in new video games.

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