How to get and install mods for Blade and Sorcery

Blade and Sorcery is one of the most popular fantasy VR games on the Steam platform. Although the name was originally famous for its medieval setting and combat mechanics, it is the opportunity to install and experience user mods every day returns players to the game. To install mods on Blade and Sorcery, you will need to download a suitable mod from any website and insert it into mods of mods .

installation of mods for Blade and Sorcery on PC

As mentioned earlier, you can download mods for playing from any site. We recommend using the non-human website, since there are many mods, and the format is easy to install. After loading any mod from your choice, take the steps below.

Draw a loaded . ZIP file using any software for extracting in your system.
* Open the Blade and Sorcery installation folder. You can find the location by clicking the game in the Steam list and choosing
characteristics option. Now select local files and click on view button to open the installation folder.
Go to the installation folder and go to the mod folder, as indicated, blade and magic -> * * blacksorcera_Data -> streaminghassets -> mods.

  • The folder will be empty if you do not have mods. Copy and insert the extracted fashion files into the folder.
  • Launch the game and you can find your mods available for use.

Remember that you can install mods in the same way in any application of virtual reality, such as Oculus.

Additional guidelines for modifications, see the sections The Best Fashion for Torchlight 3 or The Best Fashion for World of Warships. In professional players in the game.