AMD Ryzen 7000: up to 16 nuclei and AVX support

Robert Halllock took part in several interviews and managed to tell a few new details about the upcoming AMD Ryzen 7000 processors. So he confirmed that the maximum number of nuclei for Ryzen 7000-16 processors, which means additional chipples under the heat distributor did not appear.

Ryzen 7000 Officially CHANGES The GAME!

As for the “acceleration of working with AI”, which was announced at the presentation, then yes, it is carried out through the instructions of the AVX-512, which means that AMD added their “iron” support.

Also, many were embarrassed by the statement about the “total” 15% increase in single-flow performance in Zen 4 relative to Zen 3. Halllock clarified that the 15%-minimal increase in the increase, and not the average or maximum. AMD indicated such numbers because it does not want to create false expectations, but “in many situations, the growth was much higher.” But from multi-flow performance, one can expect “more than 40% of growth.”