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Is BLACK DESERT ONLINE Worth Playing in 2022? | An MMO Review

Pearl Abyss developers shared plans for the June updates for MMORPG Black Desert in the video “Conversation about the Development Process”.

In early summer, players will receive Calfeon Elvia -at the moment, the latest changes for the release are being finalized on test servers. Elvia Calfeon consists of five locations for hunting monsters for players with an attack level of 270 and higher.

Weapons Eyes of the Rode . The developers call this weapon a new version of the Black Star. It can be improved with the help of kafras stones, which are obtained by hunting monsters. The eyes of the Rode can be obtained in exchange for weapons of a black star with a level of amplification IV. It will appear simultaneously with the Calfeon Elvia.

Craft inventory Rihanna . The new functionality, which will appeal to artisans. In the inventory, you can store various tools for the extraction of resources, for which the players called him a “Swiss knife”. Finally, every time you do not have to manually switch the tools in the inventory.

Arena Sollare. After installing the patch, the preseason of the new arena will begin. The battles will be held every day, but access will not be open constantly, but only in limited time intervals. The awards will be attached to the seasons.

The installation of a patch is scheduled for June 8. You can get more details from the video.