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Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 3 Spider Monsters Gruft – Farms in Top Magiefund

The spider monster crypt is a farm zone of area 85 in Diablo 2 resurrected with the patch 2.4. This area contains spiders, maggots, bats and a golden chest. The monsters here can drop all unique and set objects as well as valuable high runes, which also makes the spider monster crypt a great area for the completion of the “holy grail” (collecting every unique and set item of the game).


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      1. How do I find the spider monster crypt?
    1. 4.2maximized magief and on your equipment
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why farm the spider monster crypt?

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 3 Spider Monster Creepy who Rare prey How to seek this Schnitter’s tribute mercenary weapon is the right source: golden chest The spider monster crypt with the area level 85 (AREA Level, in short) is a top magiefund-Dungeon, because elite packs in this area can drop any set and any unique object in the game. The targeted hunt for unique and champion packs can bring you tons of items that are of magical or higher quality.

In the following a few prominent examples of items that can drop in the spider monster crypt in the “Hell” level of difficulty:


eschutas temperament *
Schnitter’s tribute
Death Network


Andariel’s antlitz *
gripping eye
Crown of the eons *
Nachtschwinges veil *


Draculs grip *
war traveler
Spider monster network
Sturm sign *
Vergungo’s heart band *


anger of the high prince *
Maras Kaleidoscope *


valley rashas covers *
Trang-Ouls Avatar
Immortal king

In addition, the normal monster items for high-ranking rune words can drop, such as monarch shields for “spirit” or giant thresher for “infinity”.

experience points

Since the spider monster crypt has the area level 85, elite packs have the monster level (MLVL) 88, which makes it good to farm for experience until the late 90s. For builds that are particularly suitable in this dungeon, the minimum requirement of equipment in order to farm safely and efficiently is very low. Often, from level 75, it is reached and 85+ quickly reached.

Spider Cavern location - Find Khalim's Eye - Diablo 2 Resurrected (Act 3 Quest) - D2R

golden chest

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 3 Spider Monster Creep Charms End Every run the golden chest is waiting: golden chest The golden chest is located in a random point in the dungeon.

  • These chest can contain smen quantities of magical, rare, set or unique objects. It is even possible that a golden chest contains several sets or unique objects.
  • Most drop patterns of these chest are not influenced by the amount of the amount of the amount of the character_! Lower magicund builds can also benefit from the drops.
  • The drops are influenced by the player settings. The higher the number of players, the more drops!
  • The only restriction is that this chest can not drop any object in the game_ as the monsters can do in this area. It is a smaller reward for farms here.

Tips and Tricks

How do I find the spider monster crypt?

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Akt 3 Spider Monsters’ Chark The Entrance to the cave is conveniently near the spider forest waypoint Source: golden chest The spider monster crypt is located in Act 3 next to the spinnenwald waypunk. The entrance is surrounded by spider networks and covered. This location makes them very accessible, even for characters with low mobility.

A notice
The spider monster crypt (arachnid lair) can easily be confused with the similar looking spider cave (English spider cavern). However, the latter is a quest location in act 3 without an increased area level and without way around nearby.

maximized magief and on your equipment

You are here to find juicy unique and set objects. Optimizing the status”% better chance of maintaining magical object”increases your chances of finding them. Stacks the stat as possible without losing any damage or resistance. You can find tips for good magic and equipment in this article.

Player settings

A high number of players increases the amount of fallen objects in the game, which in turn increases the chance that bosses and their henchmen drop good base objects, runes, flawless gemstones, magic and jewels. 7-8 players in the game (or the chat command”/players 7 or 8″in single player mode) leads to the best drop chances in this case.

finds every monster pack

In contrast to other areas, the elite packs often spawn in the smallest. So make sure to check every section of the dungeon during your hunting so that you don’t miss any additional packs!


Im video above you can see a spider monster crypt run with a hurricane druid in the “hell” swivel degree

  • Enter the spider forest via its way in Act 3. Don’t forget to pick up this way if you intend to farm here!
  • The spider monster crypt has been a zone with maximum area level and opponents with few life points since Patch 2.4, which can drop all unique and set objects in the game.
  • Focus on the elite groups when farms, because they have an increased chance of magical items.
  • If your Clear speed gets better, experiment with a higher number of players starts to increase your chance of runes, basic items and spells.
  • Always open the golden chest in the cave!

The information in this play tip is based on the guide on the MaxRoll.GG website.

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