Pokemon Go: Niantic Machch Raid

Corona is over, from now on it is as always – this slightly modified Stromberg saying could currently also apply to Pokémon Go, at least if you look at the latest changes to the game. Because Niantic is currently doing a lot to bring the trainers more to play with other users on site.

no longer a distant raid pass in 1-Poké coin boxes

After the developers had recently significantly weakened the effects of smoke, the Fern Raid passes on the collar are now going. As Niantic announced in an official blog post, there will be no boxes in the shop from May 23, 2022, which contains a Fern Raid Pass at the price of a Poké coin.
Niantic wants players to meet again more on site. Source: Niantic Live Game Director Michael Steranka justified this decision to the Polygon editorial team as follows:

“_Unser is to move the balance more towards the fun, personal raids. Sales and discounts are really powerful ways to show coaches which game loops they should focus on at any time. [.. ]. Treat challenging Raid Encounter. […] _

However, this does not mean that Fern-Raids will completely disappear as an option. Because we recognize the benefits you have for players. Our goal is to bring the joy back that you can only experience in personal raids, for example if you have caught your first Lugia in an arena together with your friends. This change also does not mean that there will be no other ways to get free remote raid passes. However, it is our goal to deliver a great equivalent for the offers in the shop for our events, and there is a chance that remote raid passes will be included in one of these bundles in the future. “

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players should complete fewer distant raids

Specifically, this means that there will probably be opportunities here and there in the future to receive distant raid passes without buying them individually in the shop. However, because Niantic wants to concentrate on the real raid outside again, the developers not only adapt to the free allocation of the remote raid passes, but also their price in the shop.

Because remote raid passes in the bundle of three of each time no longer cost 250, but 300 Poké coins. This corresponds to the VVON Steranka strategy Niantics to push certain content through special offers in the shop – and to make others unattractive through price increases.

Incidentally, Niantic also promises that players are not forgotten in rural regions. These have previously benefited from remote raid passes and also the improved smoke and are now potentially looking into the tube. However, the developers want to counteract this by approving new arenas faster than before. In conclusion, we want to know from you: What do you think of the changes? Write us your opinion below in the comments!

Source: Niantic, polygon (via Mein-Mmo)

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