AMD X670E (Extreme) Chipset for AM5 will be shown on Computex 2022

Colleagues from VideoCardz, citing an unnamed source, report that AMD is going to submit three chipsets for motherboards with AM5: X670E, X670 and B650. It is reported that the two senior chipsets will not differ from each other, but AMD has slightly different requirements that will allow the manufacturers of maternal boards to save a little with the usual X670.

The difference in the requirements is that the motherboards with the X670E (Extreme) will be required to provide the PCIe 5.0 lines for video cards and M.2 SSDs, and the PCIe 4.0 lines are mandatory, while 5.0 are already optional.

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We remind you that this is not official information, and therefore we recommend that you perceive it with a share of skepticism. AMD presentation on Computex 2022 is scheduled for May 23