Where to find Weed Killer Peak in Grounded and finish the marker

Burg.l, the friendly robot that you discover in the Oak Tree Lab in Grounded will offer you some tasks to accomplish when you find it. He will have new daily tasks, and finishing, these tasks will bring you out of raw science that you can use to buy new recipes to make better bases and objects. Sometimes these missions will be to place markers in certain parts of the map.

Weed Killer Peak Grounded Location

Where is Weed Killer Peak?

You can find Weed Killer Peak in the southwest of the Mysterious Machine, even in the most distant part of the map. However, it should be noted that this is an extremely dangerous area and that you will need a gas mask before going there. The air here is filled with toxic gas because of the weedkiller, and you will die if you go there without one.

To make a gas mask, you must analyze certain Gnat Fuzz, and you will then need the following resources to do so:

How to find the marker

The marker is actually quite easy to find once you know how to get to Weed Killer Peak. When you get there, look for large rocks on which climb to reach the no weedkiller’s container, and from there, climb to the top. To finish the task, you must create a track marker that will require the following resources:

  • Clover leaf x 1
  • Vegetable fiber x 2
  • Brin x 2

All you have to do is build the marker, then place it in the right place, and the burg.l task will be finished, bringing you a sweet raw science.