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Silent Hill: Konami has mysterious images suppressed

Yes, we know. Fans of Silent Hill have been getting worse for pseudo indications and rumors without foundation in the face of the apathy of Konami, which earns far too much money from touching everything that has been touched on everything could look like a big production. The torments have however resumed in recent days with the publication of images allegedly resulting from work on a future Silent Hill. The extra thing? These illustrations have been reported by Konami for copyright violations.

It is on his Twitter account that Dusk Golem, a name that comes up frequently when it comes to digging behind the scenes of horror games, published these images on Friday by claiming that they come from a Silent Hill in development. An illustration signed by October 2020 even bears the signature of Masahiro Ito, artistic director of the first three episodes of the saga. We also see what could be a protagonist, prey to what seems to be tormented teenager nightmares.

PlayStation Silent Hill Game Leaked Screenshots, Konami Has Removed Images and Locked Leaker Account

According to the author of the flight, Sony Interactive Entertainment is “involved” in the project and the latter would be the result of collaboration between several studios. What gives a minimum of credit to these images is obviously the fact that Dusk Golem’s Twitter account was struck a few hours later by a DMCA complaint from Konami in person.

Recall that Konami would indeed be activated with different parts of parts to restore colors to Silent Hill but also Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania. As a reminder, Konami had even planned to make important announcements at E3 2021 before declaring forfeit.

In the case of Silent Hill, the sources clearly evoke the construction of several projects. In addition to the one represented in these images, the Polish studio Bloober Team (The Medium) would have inherited a remake of the much appreciated Silent Hill 2, with the reworked puzzles and new ends, if we believe the sources of Jeff Grubb. Here again, Sony Interactive Entertainment would be in the blow, which would lead to a temporary console exclusivity for the PS5.