It seems that Silent Hills filtration is real

A couple of hours ago the first images of what could be a new Silent Hill were leaked. Although at the moment there is no official information by Konami that confirms or denies this information, The elimination of this copyright content could be an indication of the veracity of these photos.

Hours after the filtration, Dusk Golem, who shared this information, received a copyright suspension. Not only his Twitter account was suspended, although it is already once again operational, but the shared images were eliminated . This was what the insider commented:

“Ah, yes, that family feeling of Internet people who are convinced that you are a snake oil seller full of deceptions and lies and ready to ignore you and have a negative opinion of you based on false narratives about you.

A pleasure to be back. ”

Although this may not mean much, attracts the attention that Konami has applied copyright in these images . This gives the filtration greater truth. Along with this, Dusk Golem mentioned that the photos come from a 2020 version, so the Japanese company may not want the public’s expectations to be based on this old information. Similarly, if this information were false, there would be no need to take these measures.

As always, At the moment there is no official response that clarifies this situation . However, with the Summer Game Fest just one month away, it is likely that during this event our doubts will be clarified. In related issues, you can check more about this filtration here.

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Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, copyright decline usually happens when the responsible company does not want certain information to be available ahead of time. However, this can also be done to protect the image of a property, thus denying rumors that perhaps are not true.