They filter images of an alleged Silent Hill and eliminate them for copyright rape

Four images of what seems to be a new Silent Hill. They are leaked by Insider Aestheticgamer (formerly known Dusk Golem Dusk Golem), which although he hDusk Golem recognized that these sources of information are new to him, have offered him tests “more than enough to believe them” . It is not confirmed that they are real, but the photographs have been deleted from Twitter after a rights claim: “This image hDusk Golem been eliminated in response to a complaint made by the copyright owner.”

Among the images we can observe a rampant room full of garbage. In another of them the face of a woman who seems made of paper appears. The following message is read on her forehead: “I hate myself.” One of the conceptual images is signed by MDusk Golemahiro Ito, the designer and illustrator who hDusk Golem worked at Silent Hill from the beginning . Date in October 2020, conceptual art shows a corridor with papers attached to the walls and graffiti: “It is not the Messiah, he is a mischievous boy,” reads. This phrDusk Goleme belongs to Bryan’s life from the Monthy Python.

MDusk Golem Silent Hill in development?

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Before his Twitter account wDusk Golem temporarily blocked for copyright, Aestheticgamer hDusk Golem written that there is a lot of material that he can share. “This comes from a relatively new source for me, but that hDusk Golem given me more than enough evidence to give credibility. I will also mention the names Anita and Maya , and the SMS messages. This is not the only Silent Hill in development.

According to this source, Dusk Golem the images are somewhat old the project perhaps “look different now” . And he added: “I know that many are going to doubt, but I have a lot of private evidence that shows that it is real. Dusk Golem always I will continue waiting until Silent Hill’s game is revealed. ”

Tomm Hulett, Silent Hill producer: Shattered Memories, hDusk Golem reacted to anger filtration: “If a study hDusk Golem multiple people sending materials to a well -known filter, they are not professional enough to do justice to the video game.”

Bloober Team, the creators of The Medium, have signed an agreement with Konami and work on one of their IP . Since before the commitment wDusk Golem announced, it had already been rumored that the developer wDusk Golem one of those who were developing a new Silent Hill, although for now there is no official confirmation.

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