In the framework of the collaboration, Langrisser will appear characters Valkyria Chronicles

The Valkyria Chronicles series has been in a kind of sleeping mode for several years, since there are no news in the universe. A new crossover was recently announced, which will transfer the characters of the popular tactical Jrpg-French jrpg from Sega to another world, the world of Langrisser.

In particular, the selvaria, Alicia and Isara will appear in the crossover from the original Valkyria Chronicles game, which will be available in the mobile game published by Zlongame, and the event itself starts on May 19, 2022. The Valkyria Chronicles series debuted in 2008 on the PlayStation 3. Franchise console still has a huge number of fans around the world and therefore can only hope that among the 13 games that Sega intends to release in this financial year will also appear that- then by Valkyria Chronicles.

Langrisser CN X Valkyria Chronicles Banner Pulling - 160 Pulls for Selvaria and Alicia

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