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EVENLINE will have EXSEL support, and there are two more games in the development

On May sixth and seventh, CCP holds Eve Fanfest 2022, which shares plans for the development of the Eve Online universe. Today it became known that in a franchise, two new games are being developed at once – a multiplayer first -person shooter and a mobile global strategy. CCP London is responsible for the development of the first, and CCP Shanghai is engaged in a mobile phone.

A lot of information about games has not yet been disclosed, but it is known that the shooter relies on tactical interaction between players. The developers assure that atmospheric visual effects to this product, so that it does not mean. But do not confuse this product with Project Nova, which was canceled.

Dust 514 - Full Opening CGI Cinematic Intro - Eve Online Cutscene - HD
As for the mobile strategy, only the name (Project M5) and a little detail is known. According to the CCP Shanghai studio, players will have to fight for interstellar superiority. The game will play an important role in politics, teamwork and control over territories, which are represented in detail in the main MMO.

But perhaps the most significant news is that the Excel Simulator (as Eve Online is often jokingly called) will soon receive the full support of MS EXEL. It will be possible to unload any game data immediately to the table. In order for everything to work correctly, the developers turned to Microsoft directly for help, which received full support from the IT giant. The audience perceived this news with loud ovations.