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[Interview] CCP tells the entirely new Eve series

There was a good news after a while. Hillma Peterson, president of CCP, a developer of ‘Eve Online’, has visited Korea. After two and a half years since I met at G -Star in 2019 when Pearl Abyss acquired CCP. I met the person who met just before the Corona Pandemic.

However, it was not clear about what to talk about. The dictionary information I heard before the interview was quite limited. I combined Web 3 technology and blockchain technology to Eve Online and published NFT. And the main four used ‘Tezos’.

It was a story that sounds a lot of news that blockchain technology is applied to online games. Two and a half years ago, just before the start of the official service of Eve Online, Hillma Peterson expressed his great pride in the closely organized economic system of Eve Online and a closed economic ecosystem with internal circulation. Did she need to create a system that connects this to the real economy?

In the meantime, Hillma Peterson’s remarks rode the media. She says that Eve Online will have no combination of virtual currency and NFT. She didn’t know what’s going on. She just guessed that she would hear a lot of news, and she headed for an intercontinental hotel near Samsung Station early in the morning. And in the lounge of the hotel lobby, I met with Hillma Peterson, a physique, which was quite solid than before.

Q. It’s been a long time since G -Star in 2019. How have you been?

Many things happened. Because of Covid-19, Iceland performed rock down, and as a result, many of the company’s work environment and daily life changed. In the meantime, there were several updates, including the official Korean version and the launch of the mobile game, Eve Ecos, and we had to make efforts to change in order to continue existing work in the changed work environment.

It was a great trial for mankind, but it was a positive period for Eve Online. It was likely that it was the best period if I thought about achievements.

Q. There is a lot of new keywords, including the web 3, blockchain, and NFT attempts. Why did you make this change?

The decisive reason for the trigger is also a rock down due to the pandermic. In the past few years, Ethereum appeared in 2017, and Axi Infiniti flew in 2020, through the Crypto Winter in 2018 and 2019. The concept of P2E has become something specific in the fragment of ambiguous thoughts, and now many people have been observed rather than denying this change.

Rockdown, which had to give up part of everyday life, was rather an opportunity to make us closely observe and consider the changes in this period.

Q. Not long ago, did you not say that I won’t apply these new technologies to Eve Online?

It was recognized in 2015 that the NFT of the Bitcoin blockchain was recognized. Even if Bitcoin was the mainnet, the game development itself was possible, and it was considered, but it was not established at that time. Since then, I have been watching with interest, and I rethinking it at the time of Ethereum in 2017, but the technology was not good to match the Eve Online.

And until last year, Tezos was the mainnet to conduct a simple experiment on Eve Online. However, the user reaction was completely different. Many of the Western gamers showed a very negative view of the introduction of blockchain technology and NFT concepts, and we also understood this user feedback. Therefore, it announced that it will not change the main global server of Eve Online.

Q. So what’s exactly?

It’s not yet a step to say a lot, but I’m making a new game at all. It uses ‘Eve’ IP, but is not an Eve Online, but is a completely new work that accommodates both blockchain technology, NFT and cryptocurrency economy.

Q. I couldn’t imagine it was a new game. Is it still in the early stages of development?

Yes. You can say it’s a new game, but I hope you understand that information is not possible.

Q. How exactly was the experiment in ‘Eve Online’ mentioned above?

NFT in the game and the real thing in the game had a system limit or risk, so we adopted a method of awarding the products of our esports competitions as NFT. The user reaction also split. Some people think positively, but there are many opinions that “focus on core game development.” As mentioned earlier, it was because of this user’s opinion that gave up the application of the main server. However, many data and enlightenment were obtained.

The experiment took about a year to prepare. I knew the opposite opinions of the gamers, but the reason for the compulsory forces was long, and it was a long way to do it.

Q. The last remarks said that I don’t want to apply ‘for now’, but is there a lot of room to be applied to the main game?

Naturally, there is room, and I did not say that I would permanently adhere to the current policy. However, Eve Online is not a game that I can change freely, and community opinions such as the CSM, which are mainly made by gamers, play an important role in the career of the game.

Until public opinion changes, we will use Eve IP, but we will give you a new game experience in a different way other than this game, and show how gamers who are interested in this technology can experience.

Q. I think it’s going to go well with it. Did you have a reason to think about linking with the real economy?

As a result, we will not apply to this server, so Eve Online’s economic system will remain intact. However, there are many experts who study the gaming economy in CCP, and I think there are virtually no experts in the cryptocurrency -based game economy system. It’s a market for two years, but who can be an expert?

However, I thought that I would be able to make a better future in the process of making a good web -based experience and researching. Furthermore, I thought that if I had enough time to change the perception of gamers, and I had enough time to accept the vision we think, I could open another horizon.

Q. When they met those preparing for blockchain gaming at home and abroad, they all had confidence in the future, and there was also a reason. What is the future award that Hillma Peterson thinks, and how is it convinced?

I learned a lot from the development of various MMO games. Korea is one of the world’s first MMORPGs, and it is a country that has been in the process of developing the MMO game since then.

The current public opinion about blockchain and NFT is as if it is a future for the new era, but I think that all these phenomena are nothing more than one process. No one knows the final appearance, but I think it’s one of the petals that will bloom in the process of flowering the potential of the game one by one.

The conviction I have is that the final appearance of the MMO game is not the same as it is now, but something more advanced, and the reason for mentioning these technologies is because it is the process of moving to the final chapter.

Q. The main story said that it is left for the time being, but what about ‘Eve Ecos’?

I have planned to do some experiments in Eve Ecos. I’m trying to work with Netize, the service subject, but the details are not yet set.

** Q. To say a little different, if a completely new game is being developed, the development power will inevitably be divided.

CCP has several development studios, and in addition to the main team developed by major teams in London and Shanghai, various stages of R & D projects are performed. Web 3 technology is also being studied by a team.

Q. Is there a reason for using ‘Tezos’ as the mainnet in several blockchains?

The characteristic of Tezos is that it is a blockchain with good energy efficiency and has a strong technical aspect.

Q. If a new game is created and launched like the present plan, do you think that this game can achieve a livelihood through the game of blockchain games?

The world that CCP dreams of is no different in a big framework. A world where you can feed your family while playing the game and retire. We do not yet know how this social award will be established in the future, and I think there will be a way to this future in addition to web 3 technology.

However, now I think that web 3 technology looks like a key to realizing it, and it is worth exploring.

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** Q. As mentioned earlier, many gamers still look at these technologies in a negative eye. Not those who expect the game, but to those who look at this negative eye.