Rotation of weapon weapons in APEX Legends Season 13: Saviors

Apex Legends New Season 13 Map Changes & Ranked Rotation
New season, new replicator weapons. Although the rotation of the replicator weapon for the APEX Legends Season 13: Saviors was officially not announced, the rotation was accidentally shown in the screenshot in the newsletter article on updating the point of monstrous storm. Whether this will be fixed in stone, since rotation in the 13th season is still unknown, but given the past omissions from the developers team, we can conclude that this will be the upcoming rotation, most likely for the 13th season.

Rotation of replicate weapons in the season 13

Both replicators from the 12th season return to ground production this season. This means that the Longbow DMR sniper rifle and the VK-47 Flatline assault rifle will be in the usual prey pool. Two types of weapons that will fall into the replicator in the 13th season and, therefore, will no longer enter the usual prey pool-this is the R-301 Carbine and Rampage LMG rifle.

These two weapons are one of the most desirable in the game, and they will definitely increase the use of replicators and hot zones of landing, where replicators are located. This transition to the Replicator meta will definitely shake the situation in the 13th season.

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