In The Quarry it will be possible to rewind the time to prevent the death of the character

The Quarry - Announcement Trailer Analysis!
The developers of the new horror The Quarry shared information about a certain mechanic that will allow you to unwind time back to prevent the hero’s death.

In total, players will be able to crank up such a feint three times for passing, which will become a sort of “lives” of the heroes. After the attempts end, the death of a particular person will be final.

In total, The Quarry will have nine characters, each of them will have three attempts. Moreover, it will not be possible to use this mechanics right away – you will first have to go through the plot completely, having gained access to the functionality during repeated passage. Initially, only those users who buy the Deluxe edition of The Quarry will be able to use “discovery”.

The release of the game will take place on June 10.