Team Waldo starts distributing the completed version of the Korean Patch 3

Unlike the second episode, good news came to Wa Strand 3 fans who missed Korean. Team Waldo, a user Korean patch production team, started distributing Korean patches in Waestrand 3.

Team Waldo announced on the 1st that it will distribute Wa Strand 3’s Korean patch through the official blog. The translation work began in January, and in April, the beta version, which was completed in April, was distributed to collect opinions on the completion of the translation. On the 1st, the date that the translation team promised, the finished version was published exactly on the blog. The Korean patch can be downloaded through the official blog, and can be applied to the game through a simple process.

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Originally, as the US is the background of the United States, it was planned to distribute two translations by dividing the tempered car and the complete translation, but according to the notice, it was not necessary to produce additional production because it was not necessary after the internal agreement between the team members. However, the crew added, “If there is a lot of requests, we will share the version later.” In addition, he said, “There is no room for further inspection of the completion of the deadline, and there is no room for further inspection.

Waistland 3 is an RPG that contains the survivor of the Ranger crew against the backdrop of a devastated United States after the nuclear war. As mentioned above, unlike the second episode, it did not support the official Korean, so since it was released in August 2020, many fans have been sad. Tim Waldo announced a plan to produce the Waistland 3 Korean user patch in September last year and released a completed version in about eight months.

Meanwhile, Tim Waldo said that after the project, he would not proceed with a new translation for the time being.