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Pyramid Head joins a growing list of deaths by Daylight Killers


What is Dead by Daylight can never die, I think the saying is. Dead by Daylight celebrated his fourth anniversary earlier this week and his birthday was accompanied by the announcement of a new killer for players. Well, this is not exactly a new killer, but it’s new in the game. The emblematic monster of the horror game known as the Pyramid Head of the Silent Hill franchise arrives at Dead by Daylight. Until now, all the killers of the game have been directly from other franchises or inspired by the tropes of horror films, but Pyramid Head will be the first killer to join another video game.

Chapter DLC, aptly named Silent Hill, is delivered with the killer, the survivor and a new playable card. We know who the killer is. The survivor is Cheryl Mason by Silent Hill, Origins and Silent Hill 3, although seeing her appear as we see it in Silent Hill 3. The new card is a recreation from the Midwich elementary school of Silent Hill. The chapter is a strange fusion of the Silent Hill franchise, including a monster and a survivor who have never met, in a place where none of them went, but they are all emblematic for fans in its own right.

Like the other chapters, the DLC Silent Hill will be paid. It will be available on June 16 for players on all consoles. Dead by daylight is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

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