Valorant: Fades interaction that all players will soon hate

Due to the somewhat smaller number of unique characters, Valorant is not a game that has too many strange interactions. Most skills always fulfill their function without causing too much unforeseen events. However, Riot Games Major in recent releases has given rise to some unexpected moments for many players. One of them is the one they star in Fade and Jett when they are in a game. The fault is q (stalk) of the new character and is in his way of working.

An interaction that can confuse players

Although Fade’s ability ensures that the characters cannot escape the area where they are arrested, the truth is that it does not work exactly like that. Successful enemies can temporarily abandon the radius of stalking with different displacements. One of the most obvious (although there is more) is the case of Jett. If you activate tail wind and use it, it can appear in a rival location only to be dragged back to the origin of virtually instantaneous way. This might not be too useful, but it generates a mistake that can assure us a leave.

Although the video is prepared to show this interaction, the truth is that its effect could well take place in a game. Both fade, and new character, as Jett , despite their nerf, they are quite popular heroes in the community. In addition, there are others that can activate similar situations such as Raire thanks to their explosive bales or Neon with the slide. It is true that these last cases are somewhat less striking, although they reproduce too much or puts the competitive integrity of Valorant at risk, there is no doubt that Riot Games will do something more restrictive.


At the moment, statistics collection pages place Fade as one of the most efficient agents of the game in Elparche 4.08 . An incorporation that together with the equilibrium settings has changed the metaphaw of the tactical shooter and will soon become one of the most common of all Valorant. We had to wait for her, but it was worth it.