PlayStation Plus: Free PS5 and PS4 Games in May 2022

While fans are impatiently awaiting the launch of the new PlayStation Plus, Sony reveals the games offered in May.


It is therefore from the first Tuesday of the month, i.e. May 3 next, around 5 p.m., that the members of PlayStation Plus will be able to play “free” to a total of three PlayStation 4 games and PlayStation 5 additional. On the menu for May, we therefore have FIFA 22, EA’s sports game that we no longer present, as well as Tribes of Midgard and the Roguelike Curse of the Dead Gods. A nice program that is therefore up to it.

FIFA 22 (PS4/PS5)

We start with the unexpected little surprise that will make you tread the lawn! Yes, this is FIFA 22 ‘, the last iteration of the annual football game of Electronic Arts, just that. With this episode, the successful franchise offers players to play with more than 700 official teams and participate in more than 30 championships and competitions or even playing many games in a wide choice of game mode: from the most traditional with the Famous fast part, at most time -consuming, we think here of the ultimate team, passing by the most original, the Volta Football mode. Suffice to say that there is something for every1. Be careful, note that players can also recover a “free” Ultimate Team pack.

PlayStation Plus members can launch their brand new Ultimate Team or strengthen their existing team thanks to the PlayStation Plus pack was for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. This pack includes 11 players classified 82 or more to help you build the team of your dreams in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, as well as a choice of icon moments, allowing you to choose between some of the best players in history.

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Tribes of Midgard (PS4/PS5)

We continue the program for May, with exclusivity Tribes of Midgard , a title only released on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In this Viking Multiplayer survival game, participants must unite to hope Facing an invasion of northern giants and gods. Fortunately, like any good self -respecting survival game, the production of Gearbox Publishing and Norsfell allows players to forge ever more powerful weapons, but also to build gigantic buildings, ideal to be able to withdraw at the time of a Enemy assault far too dangerous.

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Curse of the Dead Gods (PS4/PS5)

We finish the selection of the May of PlayStation Plus with Curse of the Dead Gods , the Roguelike who had the nice note of 15 out of 20 in our columns. Unlike Tribes of Midgard who asks the players to survive here the player takes control of a brave hero who aims to defeat the God of Death. For this, he must travel a multitude of labyrinthine temples containing evil deities in order to collect many treasures, such as divine powers or even immortality.

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To find out the PS+ April program which will remain available until May 3, we invite you to go to this link.

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4 minutes ago

Frankly you are real serious weeping !!
He offers you FIFA 22 The football game at the moment on the 21st again on the 20th but on the 22nd!
I don’t like football but daring to say that it sucks it’s strong anyway!

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