Neowiz signed a healing adventure gameAka publishing contract

[Kim Seung Moon Young -soo] Neowiz (co -representative Kim Seung -cheol, Bae Tae -geun) signed a public healing adventure game AKA with a Canadian developer, Cosmo Gato (CEO Jean Jean -François Barthelemy), and signed a public healing adventure game ‘AKA’ on the 27th. Announced.

Gameworld Incubator: Week # 1/12 (Clinton & Anne-Chloé spaceholders)
Aka tells the story of a retired soldier, a retired soldier on the open world, looking back and healing himself while meeting the souls who were affected by the war. You can get the island through gathering and production, and you can experience various activities such as mini games, swimming, cloud observation, and island exploration. The process of solving quests through interaction with NPC provides another fun.

In particular, the game’s cute character design and lively motion graphics from the filmmaker DreamWorks animation lead animator developed the game’s immersion.

A single game developer in Cosmo or Canada, Aka is the second film following the 2020 GitHub Game JAM2020, the winner of A Trip to the Moon.

Neowiz plans to showcase Aka through Steam and Nintendo Switch in the fourth quarter of 2022.