League of legends

Rolling Y, Wild Lift First Official Season

Rollsters Y defeated the Guangdong Prix at the end of the full set, and the WCK regular league came to the summit again.

The League of Legend IP is used to develop a mobile game ‘League of Legend: Wildlift’, and the Riot Games, who is serving, serving the Wild Lift, the 2022 Wild Lift Champions Korea (WCK) Spring Finals held at Lol Park, Seoul, He said he won four 3rd 3, winning a set, winning a winner.

Rolling Y was not able to respond to the colorful strategy of Guangdong Prix, and all of the odd sets were lost and to win the set score to three sets of sets to 6 sets.

At a set of 1 sets of Guangdong Prix started with a blue camp, the Greatler ‘Jiki’ Kim Dae-hyun’s Graves, and the Rollaster Y, who was stalled in the Graves, and the Rollaster Y, who has been stilt in 2 sets, the remote dealer ‘Luna’ Choi Woo-seok, supporters ‘Salem’ I was successful and succeeded in catching up with Sona to Lee Sung-jin.

In three sets of Guangdong Prix’s supporter ‘North’ Noh Yoon Ho’s Blitz crank, the defeated Rollaster Y was a 4 sets of 5,000 gold and more than 5,000 gold, but it made a reverent winner and made a reverse win.

At five sets, the Rollaster Y, who was defeated with a large killscore difference from 2 to 17, and the Match Point’s Roluster Y has attracted the game to the final before the Lucian Lucian in six was growing from the beginning.

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Roluster Y pulled out the combination of the most condition in seven sets of winning and proprietary winner. The Rollaster Y, who grew up with the Bain, the West Carrier, who grabbed the Bain to Choi Woo-seok, the supporter Lee Seong-jin, the Rollaster Y, who grabbed the son of Sona, grown as Choi Woo-seok was killed and made an ace in the Elder Dragon battle.

As the Wild Lift E-Sports Thursday, the Wild Lift E-Sports, the winner of the Week, Y, a win-win winner, after achieving a scaling set from WCK, a 2022 Spring, a 2022 Spring, a 2022 Spring, the first Wild Lift Team of Korea. I proved.

2022 WCK Spring in the regular league twice in the regular league, but the Rollaster Y, which is in the first place, but the Roluster Y, who has entered the playoffs, was 3 to 2 to T1, In the open finals, he was dramatically winning to 4 to 3, and it was on top of the two official competitions.

The Roluster Y, which won the win, was given a group stage direct ticket of the prize money of 30 million won and the Wild Lift e-Sports’s International Convention, “Icons”.

Royal Loader The coordination of the royal loader is in front of the eyes, and it was given a prize for 2 million won, and the T1, which is the third largest T1, and the T1, which is the third largest,