Nintendo places according to: Splatoon 3 trailer reveals start date of the switch

The colorful Splatoon series is expected to receive a new game in autumn. We’ll tell you what awaits you in this color battle.

Splatoon 3: New maps, new weapons and new styles

According to Splatoon in 2015 and Splatoon 2 in 2017, the series will be expanded this year with another game . Splatoon 3 send yourself to Splatsville and there you only have one task: Using bends and special weapons to cover more terrain with your color than your opponents.

You can expect a story mode in which you are moving into the battle against the malignant octarian army, and a cooperative multiplayer mode ** called “Salmon Run”. Here you will meet a mixture of new and recurring stages.

You have to be patient until the release. Nintendo announces that Splatoon 3 should be released on September 9, 2022 .

Splatoon 3: Some fans already don’t feel like it anymore

Splatoon 3 – Release Date Revealed - Nintendo Switch

From the comments under the official trailer for Splatoon 3 you can read that many fans are already looking forward to the coming game. However, there are not only compliments, but also criticism – or fears .

A clip viral goes on Twitter, which shows how a figure actually falls down, but is reset by the game. Fans now have the fear that Nintendo, like Splatoon 2, is already using P2P networks **. These are networks where the participants are directly linked and do not use a dedicated server. This creates said LAGs that can negatively impair the flow of the game.

The disadvantage is explained by Twitter user Samb:

“If every client takes over the predictions of the other clients, something like that happens. A package loss, and your own client knows too late that anyone else has long since stopped. This creates this teleportation that you can see here. It is the opposite effect as with server client structures, in which you are reset from the server if the prediction that you do for your figure is wrong. ”(Source: [email protected])

Nintendo has not yet commented on this. In the end it is now time to wait , after all, the game only appears in autumn.

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