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LOL – Soloq Challenge: Koldo and his Lee without show why they are great favorites to win the tournament

The Soloq Challenge is one of the Events of the Hispanic community of League of Legends more anticipated throughout the year . A huge number of content creators have been thrown into the summaker crack to know who is the best Spanish-speaking player on the European server, although there is also a competition for players who are not as powerful at mechanical level. There have been many players who are already standing at Elo Altos as Javier or Adryh, but this time we will talk about one of the most attraction currently bring: Koldo.

The current Koi jungle was a feeling when his walk began at the purple club, being one of the most beloved players of the entire staff thanks to his numerous years appearing at the national competitive circuit and his great facet of personality in the networks. Last year already pointed high in the competition, but it is true that there was a beast called flakked that nobody could overcome and the number of games was already inhuman for the average citizen.

However, this year wants to give everything during the _offseason _ and the Soloq Challenge is a great training camp, as it is a great opportunity to control your mechanics and, above all, to control your mentality . It’s here when we talk about the Jungle Murcian play with Lee without him left us with his mouth open besides letting us a clear message: the Early Game determines much of the game if we play it excellently.

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They ran three minutes of starting When Koi’s jungle saw that there was action in the lower lane and could take some other kill. However, as he went down to Help the _botlane _ he found himself unexpectedly with the teacher and enemy who was also going for the same place. Obviously, the blind monk is pretty superior in the early game and bonded several lapidal blows to the swordsman. After this, his colleagues continued to fight against the two enemies, so threw himself towards them next to his lioness to schedule the final blows and end with 3 to 0 in less than 5 minutes.

Fitting with this type of champions at the Early Game is quite important , since it will depend that the game turns to one side or another. What’s more, this same game would end up in just less than 20 minutes and with Koldo collecting more than 10 murders that he used them in the best way: helping the lines of it and making all the objectives available on the map. We do not know what the Murcian player will bring to him what remains of competition, but we are quite sure that he will remain in one of the highest positions of all the classification.