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Riot, League Owrale: Di Orchestra MSI Busan

[Eye News 24 Moon Young-soo] Riot Games announced on May 25, on May 25, 26th, and the ‘MSI 2022’ venue in Busan held a ‘League Obe Carrier: Di Orchestra MSI Busan’ on the 21st.

The company has held a ‘League Obre Carrier Live: Di Orchestra’ in the ‘League Obsecire (hereinafter referred to as the League Obreade (hereinafter referred to as the League Obre) at the Seoul Sejong Cultural Center in 2021. The performance of the performance has attracted a topic with the first performances that the Sejong Cultural Center planned the game with the theme, and has received a lot of love with LOL players and the public.

League Obe Carriers: Di Orchestra MSI Busan will forward the impression of LOL’s first music festival again, and will be delivered to the hot opening of MSI adding a list of MSIs to a regular list with the moment of the LOL E sports.

In Part 1 of the Performance, the Summoner’s Call ‘Summoner’s Call’ et al. The League of League Live Live: 9 songs, and LOL 2022 in the Di Orchestra, there is.

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The following two parts are composed of a song that can not be subtracted in LOL E sports history. ▲ MSI official theme starts ‘Bring Home the Glory’ ▲ World Championship Main Theme Song ▲ Tight ‘5 tight’ symbol ‘Silver Scrapes’ ▲ World Championship Theme The LOL E sports such as the song 4 songs, and 10 songs were prepared. The performance ticket is available in Interpark on April 28th.

Meanwhile, MSI is considered the world’s most prestigious e-sports competition with the World Championship with the LOL E Sports Competition hosted by Riot Games. All matches in MSI 2022 will be held on Busan, from May 10 to May 29th.