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The most disappointing legendary of the history of Pokemon and the reasons for his failure

Although the fifth generation brought us a fascinating story and some creatures of extraordinary power, the truth is that we talk about deliveries with the worst legendary major in terms of combat efficiency. Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyuren have designs of most spectacular. However, they stay somewhat short when it comes to fighting if we compare them with the rest of the creatures that occupy their same level in the Pokémon hierarchy. Not in vain, they have almost never appeared in the competitive formats in which they have been allowed.

The worst legendary Pokémon in history

However, there is still something worse in the legendary over fifth generation. As you know, the black and white deliveries had direct sequelae that introduced two new forms for Kyurem corresponding to each of the colors. With them, the creature was able to increase its statistics a barbarity. These forms arrived, specifically, up to 700 points of power and occupied the first two positions in terms of total statistics at the time of its launch. A situation that, yes, was modified with the arrival of megas, primitive forms and other mechanics such as Zygarde.

With these circumstances one could bet on Kyurem Black and White Kyurem dominated the competitive of the time, but nothing further from reality. Although Kyurem white if it was quite powerful, the black version barely served at all. Its elevated statistics were distributed in a horrible way and from Game Freak they were resisted to offer a variety of movements enough so that it could work in a real combat. It is true that yes I improved timidly to the original version of Kyurem, but it was just a remarkable change .

Why was it so bad black kyurem?

Given the circumstances, Kyurem Black became one of the great memes of the community, which I use it as proof that Game Freak still did not know how the Pokémon design worked. Its combination of horrifying types (dragon and ice) gives it five weaknesses and only three resistances, which together with its low speed and unnamed defenses involved that it could be eliminated from a blow by any other powerful Pokémon who faced. To this situation there was also to add its scarce range of movements: The Pokémon could not even use the ice type to attack by the physical part .

The Legendary Pokémon Problem (and How to Fix It)
The situation resulted in that neither black kyurem nor the original version came to the highest Tier of Pokémon in individual combats . There the creatures are ordered according to their power to give rise to more equal combats. Historically, all major legendary have been in this category since its introduction to the exception of these two. Also, you should not think they were close to reaching this tier reserved only the best. Not even on the second step of the competitive were well valued or were viable.

Fortunately, from Game Freak solved the situation with the arrival of the eighth generation . In sword and shield, both are capable of learning icicle, 25-type ice-type movement that hits rivals between 2 and 5 times. The change may seem small, but it was all they needed. Now both Kyurem and Black Kyurem have found its small niches of use. A very easy solution that took three generations to arrive and that you can never tear down the meme in which they became. Unless, of course, they improve them again for scarlet and purple.