Creepy as a P.T.? New horror game shows trailer in silent-hill

The Silent Hill series is one of the most famous horror games and especially the P.T. demo, which was intended as a teaser to Silent Hills, has left a lasting impression of players. No wonder so that the concept has influenced other horror games in turn. NEW NEW: NO RETURN.

No Return: Chinese horror game appears 2022

Caught in their own four walls. What to start with Silent Hill 4: The Room started was perfected with the P.T. Demo . A photorealistic graphic, endless gears and the horror always in the neck.

The concept came at the gaming community and was repeatedly picked up over the years, such as in the horror game visage. And also 2022 again a game reappears that the grusel factor of P.T. Revive: No Return.

In No Return, she slips into the role of a man who is prisoners in his apartment and faced there with his gloomy past. Unlike P.T. Or visage plays no return in modern China. As a result, the paranormal events are also inspired by the Chinese folklore.

That you have to know about the horror game No Return

Responsible for the upcoming grusel shocker is The Chinese Indie Studio BlameTech . For the six man strong team, it is the first video game, so you can not expect Big budget production La Resident Evil at No Return .

However, just the small indie title have the greatest potential to distort the gaming community sustainably. A good example of this is the psycho-horror game Martha is dead , which is also published this year.

P.T. / Silent Hills Concept Movie - TGS 2014
And no return also wants to break your psyche primarily, even though it will certainly give one or the other jump scare. Certainly we know that only on 30. October 2022 , because then the promising horror game for the PC appears.