Moss: Book II will be available on Quest 2 this summer

If the PlayStation VR players have had the privilege of finding Quill, it must be obvious to the fact that it has become difficult to do one’s butter with virtual reality by impede on the Quest 2. Moss: Book II was announced tonight on the Meta helmet as part of the annual manufacturer’s showcase.

Moss: Book II coming to Quest 2 - Summer 2022

That the Questeux are reassured, the exclusive PS VR will only hold a few months since Moss: Book II will be available on the Oculus Store in the course of summer. For his return on March 31, following the 2018 Action-Adventure Game seduced Furolith by offering a chapter longer but still enchanting and endearing, like his heroin rodger. On Quest 2, the connection between Quill and the player will also benefit from the Oculus Touch pair, joysticks that will also manipulate the environment or the inventory more freely.

In one of the first things we have heard when we launched Moss: Book II on PlayStation VR a few weeks ago is that the Quest 2 community wanted to play there, and we will respond in a very near future. Our goal, since the first day, has been to put the Moss franchise on as many helmets as possible. We want all RV players to have the opportunity to discover the joy of physical interaction and the power of emotional resonance That we have integrated into the worlds we create. We are looking forward to sharing our game with millions of Quest 2 players around the world this summer “, comments Tam Armstrong, co-founder and PDG of Polyarc.