Obscön and ridiculous: Haaland

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On Tuesday, English media reported, Erling Haaland will leave Borussia Dortmund after the current season and join Manchester City, where the Norwegian is to become the top earner of the English Premier League. However, the circulating salary is now causing indignation on the island.

According to “Daly Mail”, Haaland in Manchester will deserve “more than 600,000 euros per week” in the future and thus detach the multiple world footballers Cristiano Ronaldo in services of Manchester United as salary croses of the English Oberhaus. However, the rumor does not provide all types of jubilation.

“We are already in the area of a ridiculous counterpart for a footballer,” Simon Jordan weathered “TalkManchester City”.

The English businessman and former owners of the London Club Crystal Palace Missed nobody to make money and represent the view, “that everyone who is really good in his area should be rewarded”, but the salary level of footballers is simply “ridiculous “.

BVB-Star Haaland “is not worth 600,000 euros per week”

“Well, I do not know if the 600,000 euros per week after taxes or 600,000 euros per week before taxes, however, we move into an area with obscene money,” says the 54-year-old. Besides, he feels that in today’s football, “Average players could become multi-millionaires”.

Of course, Haaland is anything but mediocre, but his irresorance of 250,000 euros “look like an average salary. Someone who is average in the Premier League receives twelve million euros per year,” concludes Jordan.

In any case, Jordan believes that no player in the world deserve these sums. “They are not worth it, he [Erling Haland, D.Red.] Is not worth 600,000 euros a week, and these players who get so much money are not worth it,” says the business expert who in The mobile industry made his money clear.