Portal 3: if valve does not look decided, “it is urgent to do it” according to the scriptwriter of the old games

It would not have a lot of games at the Gabe Newell studio to mark the history of the video game of its footprint: Half-Life and Portal are clearly the two strongest representatives. Highered in the rank of masterpiece, the Portal license has not made it speak of it since the exit of the second episode, there is almost 11 years, day for the day. Unfortunately, on the valve side, it is the flat calm, but the screenwriter of the two shutters seems determined to shake this beautiful world!


Beat the iron as long as it’s hot

Focused on the manufacture and launch of the Steam Deck , the Company Valve has set aside the development of video games to focus on the hardware, even if it has allowed a small coquetry by announcing A little game, without pretension, in the world of Half-Life and Portal , called Aperture Desk Job . Ah, Portal! This simple name is enough to wake up the nostalgic fiber of a considerable number of players who languishes a new episode. Let them all reassure themselves, it’s not the only ones to want to put their backs up: On the side of those who participated in his construction, impatience the idea of getting back into this universe is Palpable but it is Erik Wolpaw, especially, who pulls the alarm on the issue of subsequent projects.

According to him, Valve must actively ask the question of a third episode because, soon, the whole of the original team may be “Littery too old to work on Portal 3“, if they wait too long. That’s at least what he has suggested at the microphone of the Kiwi Talkz Podcast, and he did not hesitate to support this urgency by saying that the writing begins and “ Start Portal 3. As he explains, the clock turns and they reach a point “_où it is crazy about thinking that we are literally too old to work on Portal 3, so we should simply do it.

Portal 3, it’s now or never?

We understood: on the side of Erik Wolpaw, it is not the motivation that is missing, but it needs to be sufficiently surrounded so that the project takes to life. If it is very enthusiastic, there is no less lucid on the fact that it could be difficult to wear a new major portal episode within the valve teams.

Oh yes, I would love. I would work on another portal in the second, but I can not get there al1. – Erik Wolpaw, Screenwriter on Portal 1 and 2

I could plead for a new episode… It could help a little, but the problem is that valve has 300 employees, and that I do not know exactly the distribution – how many of them are on the production side by Report to the commercial side of Steam, compared to the legal side, compared to anything else (…) So there is an important opportunity cost to take 75 people to try to make a game. Even if valve often seems to be Being a group of people sitting around a pool and sipping Gin Tonic, everyone works. – Erik Wolpaw, Screenwriter on Portal 1 and 2

Gathering a team is not a small deal in a society where everyone seems to activate on a lot of projects that can be constantly evolving. For that, it should be highly persuasive, especially since, according to Erik Wolpaw, a third portal would have a nice financial potential , like other games of society, even if the one -I is resting a lot on Counter-Strike: Go or on the RV with Half-Life Alyx that expands of some mods , one of which comes from Bioshock **.

They work all the time, it’s just that you do not always see the result, it does not always end up going out, or it comes out of years later and is transformed into something else. So everyone is taken into account (…) people do something. – Erik Wolpaw, Screenwriter on Portal 1 and 2

So it should almost take them – it’s like a revolution – and encourage them to leave what they are working on to come to work on something else, in this case it would be Portal 3. – Erik Wolpaw, screenwriter on Portal 1 and 2


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Portal 2 has more than ten years c ‘is weird that there has been no follow-up

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