GrimGrimoire OnceMore: GrimGrimoire: Japan

GrimGrimoire Once More JUST Announced By Vanillaware
The Japanese cult developer Vanillaware motes his title from the PS2 era: the pretty strategy game Grimgrimoire comes with the name Supplement Oncemore on PS4 and Switch. And already in July.

The summer fairy tale is not half digested and Apple announces a comic device called iPh1. We write the year 2007 when the young Japanese Games Studio Vanillaware (13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Dragon’s Crown, Muramasa: The Demon Blade) will receive an order during the development of the beautiful Odin Sphere: For Nippon Ichi, the strategy game Grimgrimoire should be conceded. A few months later, 4p testers Jens is a 75 portion: “Grimgrimoire is an original conceived and extremely lovingly presented tactic cocktail,” he says and is right; As with many vanillaware titles, the graphic implementation ensures interest. Thereafter, the game disappears for 15 years in the sinking, too young to wake up retro feelings, and not prominent enough to stay away from the Far East Tactics Cosmos. Til today.

Because in the Japanese Famitsu, the new version Grimgrimoire Oncemore was revealed. This also makes it clear that the early release date will only apply to Japan at the end of July; We expect Nippon Ichi but firmly with a Europe release.