Director of TLOU reveals what your perfect game is

Define a video game as “perfect” is something very difficult. This is usually a completely personal opinion, since finding a title that dial 10/10 in various categories is complicated. However, for Neil Druckmann, director of The Last of Us Part II, this is a simple task , and has revealed what is, for him, the perfect game.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Official Trailer - Monkey & Pig Scene HD

Through Twitter, the director responded to an image that seeks to find a game that is 10/10 in sections such as history, gameplay, visual, music, animation, etc. Druckmann’s favorite option is MONKEY ISLAND 2: LECHUCK’s Revenge, A game of adventures that Lucasarts gave us in 1991.

“Monkey Island 2, although I would give music a 12/10”.

In the Answers section, names such as Bioshock, Metro, Max Payne, Elden Ring and more games appear as players’ options. Along with this, Druckmann was also questioned about the multiplayer of _The Last of US Part II _ , from which we know very little, although, as expected, there was no comment about it.

On related topics, a new game of Monkey Island is already under development. Similarly, here you can see the new filtrations of the The Last of US series.

Editor’s note:

Choosing a perfect game is very difficult for me. If I had to select one, it would be breath of the Wild, although I can not deny that there are other experiences that I have enjoyed a lot in recent years.