VFL Bochum: Curious results and the Freiburg madness

The bill is pretty easy. If the VFL gets the full score in Freiburg, at the same time Hertha BSC in Augsburg and on Easter Sunday Arminia Bielefeld at home against FC Bayern, then the newcomer on the 30th match day is already through and safe.

Basically, on Saturday in Freiburg, two teams meet each other, which will make extraordinary affordable this season, albeit at different levels. At least both are a lot better than that the financial situation would suggest.

By the way, on Saturday, the two teams face the third time in the current season. There were very unusual results in the two previous games, measured at the gameplay. “In the league, the SC Freiburg had more of the game in the Ruhrstadion,” recalls coach Thomas rice; His VFL, however, won 2: 1.

Later Freiburg Cocaltriumph

“In the cup, at the same place, we were actually closer to it,” says rice, but in the last minute of the extension, the SC Freiburg sat down a little happy after a memorable Patzer of Maxim Leitsch.

And now? “The topic of league is of course worn in from the outside. But we must not forget,” says rice, “What’s waiting for us.” In summary: “It’s madness what Christian Streich and his team will make again.”

The procedure over Easter is on the hand for rice. “I’m not thinking about whether we can celebrate after this weekend or not,” says VFL Coach. “Do we get the three points on Saturday, then you can still look at the other lots and competitors.”

Rice can get out of full

Of course, it helps that rice can look out of full on the targeted season. Even Jürgen Locadia, who was most recently lacked hip complaints, would be ready for use. “He trained well, but of course something lacks the game fitness,” says rice. So it can be assumed that the Dutch is not belonging to the squad, “because the positions are double, partly triple occupied.”

VfL Bochum - Arminia Bielefeld 3:3 (2.8.2019)

On Saturday is a small anniversary for the head coach

Thomas Rice is standing in front of his 100th compulsory game as a Bochum Coach. So far, there were 45 victories at 23 draws and 31 defeats.

His balance of VfL is outstanding overall. Even the ascent a year ago had hardly been expected in Bochum. The class content would be classified as “football miracles” according to the assessments before the start of the season. And only a very small step is missing.