Hertha BSC: Thats Felix Magaths Ass in the sleeve

Comunio and Marten present you every week a Bundesliga player who is still running under the radar and from which a significant market value increase is expected shortly. Today’s insider tip is Marten Winkler of Hertha BSC.

The current comunio stats

Market value: 370,000
Points: 1
Points per game: 1.0

That’s why he is underestimated

Marten Winkler – there should be at most at Hertha connoisseurs and with Bundesliga nerds. The 19-year-old gave his Bundesliga debut on the 33rd match day 2020/21 against Cologne in the detention time. Just as fast as he appeared at that time, the offensive players disappeared again from the radar. Pal Dardai at least, who helped him to this debut, probably saw no use for the teenager who was already used in the reserve in the Regionalliga.

It is therefore quite surprising that just Felix Magath has asked Marten Winkler to “set Personell new stimuli”. Hertha finally has with Belfodil, Jovetic and Selke storm staff in his ranks.

That makes him so strong

If there is a big magazine winner at Hertha, then it’s Winkler. Immediately after his arrival in Berlin, the new coach in the U23 should have inquired about offensive staff and then the focus was very fast at Winkler. Already at the victory against Hoffenheim he stood in the squad, then he was allowed to go into the training camp and obviously left there such a good impression that he was replaced by Leverkusen very early. At the score of 1: 2 Winkler got even half an hour’s playtime – as left outside – and at least took a point.

Winkler combines several advantages: He has established itself from the youth player in the senior sector this season and shown strong performance in the Regionalliga. First started on the Zehner position, he has become more and more used as a center forces during the season. Seven goals in 17 games have succeeded. And it could have been even more, he would not have failed twice longerly due to injury.

He has this potential

Magath seems anything but enthusiastic about Herthan Storm staff. Winkler came to the game against Leverkusen, while Selke (initially) and Jovetic (over the full 90 minutes) stayed on the bench. That’s a very clear announcement towards the established. And Hertha had to achieve a goal in this phase to score in the relegation battle.

In contrast to all those others, Winkler is also unencumbered, with all the dramas in recent weeks and months, nothing at all on the hat and also benefits from its flexibility. He can act in the storm center, on the ten or as outer storm.

If Hertha desperately needs to score in the descent, then in the next match against opponents such as Union, Augsburg, Stuttgart or Bielefeld. Should Winkler, just as it is suggested, be a part of this team, then there is a player for a starting price at the lower market value one player, which is quite good for the one or other goal.

Karol Herrmann

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