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Halo Infinite announces changes in the battle pass and progression

HALO INFINITO The developer 343 Industries has announced a series of new battle passes and changes of progression that will soon reach the free shooting game. Since the launch of infinite at the end of 2021, several fanatics continued to receive many comments on how the game should change in the future. Now, with season 2 of Halo infinite programmed to start within a few weeks, 343 has revealed what will be modified in the near future.

In a new report that 343 recently published, it was detailed as season 2 of Halo infinito will evolve the game. As regards the battle pass, in particular, 343 made it clear that season 2 will have more personalization options compared to the inaugural season of the title. «For the Battle pass of S2, we want to focus on improving the value we provide players in the free tracks and premium. To do so, the free battle pass will include even more personalization content than S1, including the Lone Wolves armor core. Early on the track, “said 343 about these alterations.

The study continued to say that the challenges associated with the battle pass are also being modified so that players do not see that their progression stops routinely. “We have been doing everything possible to address the challenges that end up being too situational, poorly configured or confused each time comments appear on them. Continue to warn us when the specific ones do not comply with their expectations, “said 343.” Finally, as of this week, we eliminate the water challenges of all challenges decks and will not see them again. “

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It is worth emphasizing that these are just some of the many adjustments that season 2 of Halo infinito will be receiving. As for when S2 will actually begin, it will be launched on May 3 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC platforms.

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