Remedy will rehale the first two Max Payne with your Northlight engine

Remedy has announced its new project: a remake of the first two max payne , developed with the approval of Rockstar and using the Northlight engine, owner of Remedy and on which Quantum Break or the most recent control also developed.

they're remaking MAX PAYNE
The remake will cover the first two games, and points to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X; In the brief statement with which the project has been announced, it is said that it will have a size “similar to that of a Triple A typical Remedy”, and that it will be Rockstar which finances. By this agreement, Remedy will begin to collect royalties “after Rockstar has recovered the development, marketing and other costs related to distribution and publication”.

At the moment there are no images or more information or materials on this remake, but we will follow the track. Better not to wait standing, by the way, because it seems that it goes for long: the project is still in early stages.

These two games, Max Payne and its sequel, The Fall of Max Payne, 2001 and 2003 respectively, are from those who left footprint for their emphasis on narration, which follows the misadventures of a New York exhibition that seeks the person who murdered his wife and daughter, and for popularizing bullet weather, still fresh just two years after the first Matrix. Remedy lost the rights of Max Payne and before the publication of the second part: Take-Two bought them and already that sequel came with the Rockstar seal, which ended up developing many years later, in 2012, the resounding Max Payne 3.