The Witcher would have more Series Spinoff in Netflix

The third season of The Witcher is already in production, but apparently, Netflix has plans to expand this universe even more through new Spinoff Series. According to a recent rumor, the _streaming platform is considering launching two new projects; One anime style and the other live-action.

According to portal information REDANIAN INTELLIGENCE, Specialized site in news of The Witcher, Netflix could launch a new pre-concentrated series focused on Lambert, Coen, and Eskel, Although it is still unknown if This new project would be anime or Live-Action. On the other hand, mention is also made of a second Live-Action series, which would start filming once the production of the third season of the show ends.

The Witcher: Blood Origin | Post-Credits Teaser | Netflix

As if that were not enough, this same place also reports that there is already another anime film in development within Studio Mir, which began its pre-production stage last month. Despite not having as much information about it, REDANIAN INTELLIGENCE states that it will be similar to what we saw with Nightmare of the Wolf.

Editor’s note: It makes sense that Netflix wants to expand this universe even more, because the first two seasons of the show have been a success between the audience. There is definitely a lot of material that can take as an inspiration for these projects, now it will be a matter of waiting to see what it turned out to be true and what not.