The new PlayStation Plus will not attract more subscribers, affirms an analyst

A few weeks ago, Sony finally revealed the new and renewed service of PlayStation Plus that as you know, it has different categories. Unlike Xbox Game Pass, This new service will not include exclusive during their launch day and according to an analyst, that will be the main reason why it will not attract more subscribers.

Talk with wccftech, karol severin, analyst and product manager for Midia Research , mentioned that you do not have access to the exclusive Futures of PlayStation will cause no much interest for users to subscribe to the new ps plus:

“The movement is more about catching up with Game Pass, instead of promoting innovation in the market. PlayStation has consolidated its offer of transmission of games and multiplayer services online at one, as Game Pass has made in the past. On the one hand, PS Plus will provide access to more games than Xbox Game Pass. However, PS Plus did not reach a key benefit: access to the first day. Game Pass also includes access to EA Play. However, depending on whether consumers give more priority to the number of titles or access on the first day, PS has certainly come closer to Game Pass in terms of exchange exchange of what it was before, but I would not say that it has assumed a advantage.”

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And according to Jim Ryan, head of Sie , introducing exclusive day one at this service would only cause a decrease in its quality, and at the end of the day, this is a sacrifice that is not willing to accept. Instead, you will continue to offer these AAA games at full price, although you do not discard the possibility that one year or more of its launch, can reach Plus.

Editor’s note: Actually this service does not seek to compete with Game Pass, but obviously Sony felt the pressure and decided to launch the new PS Plus. We will have to see the type of games that includes and if it is really worth it, or if it is best to preserve the subscription we already have.