The 5 most terrifying urban legends of gaming

Beyond Horror Games, the truth is that the world of gaming is also full of other stories and legends quite creepy that are not necessarily related to franchises such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill , or some other genre. Even in titles that might seem innocent and suitable for the whole family, we have some terrifying stories that will definitely put the hairs on tip, and here we talk about five of them.

Super Mario’s Hell Valley

Super Mario Galaxy 2, one of the best games of this saga, hides a secret disturbing at one of its levels, specifically in the Shiverburn Galaxy. The players who raise the camera from a specific point can see these silhouettes at the top of the mountain, something that evidently aroused curiosity between the community. Many people even reviewed the file files to find some kind of explanation about them, and they discovered that their name is Hell Valley Sky Trees, making all this situation still much more terrifying.

Madden’s curse

Being one of the most iconic sports franchises of gaming, it was being expected that Madden was also to have his own urban legend. The community came to the theory that all those professional American football players who appear on the cover receive some kind of curse, which would have consequences as poor performance in the field, until higher injury to the player in question. Some of these examples are Daunte Culpepper, Rob Gronkowski, and John Madden himself.

Herobrine de Minecraft

Inside the gigantic Minecraft Sandbox is a sinister character known as Herobrine. It is said that this character appears randomly on the worlds of players, building meaningless things and even attacking them. There are those who believe that it is actually a ghost that decided to curse them during the game, but there are others who take this story as something fictitious. Those who already had the misfortune of finding it say that looking at it for a good amount of time will make this entity disappear completely.

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The man rat of GTA IV

Many consider Grand Theft Auto IV is the best game of the whole saga thanks to its captivating history and highly detailed world. Some fans believe that at some point in their underground tunnels, there is also a spooky creature known as the rat man. Rat man is an NPC half man and half rat capable of running at high speed and that is also extremely aggressive. The players barely have time to see him come before he kills him as he constantly screams his name. There is not much evidence that sustain this rumor, except for the image you will find here below, which nobody knows where he came from.

The cursed cartridge of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Ben Drowned, also known as Majora’s Mask’s cursed cartridge, revolves around a user named Jadusable, who claims to have bought a mysterious copy of this game. After having played it for a few hours, this user reported having felt a strange sensation from the title, almost as if someone was trying to communicate with him. Subsequently it was revealed that this cartridge had acquired it from an older person, and now it was possessed by Ben’s malevolent spirit. Over time the players realized that this story was not real, but by then, the vast majority was so submerged in the fiction that all those who read it thought that a part of Ben’s spirit had stayed with them And to date it is still one of the urban legends of the most popular videogames.