Financial World Sandbox “My Time at Sandrock” May 26th to the early access delivery start. Town of making in the desert

Developer’s PATHEA Games announced on April 6th to start early access delivery on May 26, at the local time at the sandbox game game “ My Time at Sandrock “. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam / Epic Games Store). According to the Steam store page, this work seems to correspond to the Japanese language display.

“My Time At Sandrock” is a work equivalent to the sequel to the sandbox game “MY TIME AT Portia”. The stage is the world of post-apocalypse, 300 years after the end of the end of the end of the modern technology that was destroyed. The protagonist receives the role as a new builder of Sandrock and arrives in the devastated city. He rebuilds the community while using the tool and revives the previously prosperous land. He collects resources and builds machines, and interact with the local people. Sometimes we will develop the city economically while protecting Sandrock from monsters.

First of all, we will develop a rough workplace and establish production facilities. Process material using complex machines and produce large structures parts. It will be assembled one by one and developing the Sandrock city. In addition, several hundreds of unique items can be created at work desks. You can decorate the house or give it to the residents of Sandrock, and sometimes create things according to the request from the community.

The world of this work is expressed in the open world. You can search for a vast desert surrounding the city of Sandrock. Sometimes it is also possible to discover the old world’s artimeters in the ruins. You can also collect materials in a place that can not be reached. Sometimes I can relax with the residents of Sandrock and relax. Also, in this work, several hundreds of side quests draw detailed stories. The total number of characters that appear exceeds 30 people. I spend time with the residents and release the back story, and build a meaningful connection, also play one end of the game play.

My Time at Sandrock - Official Early Access Release Date Trailer

There is also a combat element in “My Time At Sandrock”. In the battle, a dynamic action is developed, which quickly switches the mechanics of proximity combat and the third-lived shooting shooting. While using a new weapon, it takes place strategically dominantly by breaking the protection. Alternatively, it is possible to fight with the battle to beat the battle by boosting the status. A skill tree system is also adopted in this work. By using an experience value, it is possible to level up as a builder and unlock the skills. It is good to be a craper as a craft, and it is possible to specialize in battle. Alternatively, social alternating current can be emphasized. You can earn skills according to various play tiles.

In addition to this, if you use a workshop, you can change the grassland to farmland. You can grow grains and earn income, or create dishes. In addition, the festival can be held in Sandrock, and it is possible to participate with the residents. In addition, secret elements are also hidden.

The previous work “Kimini Portier” is released in 2019. At the time of writing this paper, we have won more than 24,000 STEAM strings and maintain “very popular” status. The fun of play through crafts and missions seems to have high rating.

The early access delivery period of “My Time at Sandrock” will be scheduled for one year. At the time of early access delivery, a single player’s story mode is prepared and it is possible to play the beginning of the game. You can experience exchanges and love elements with NPC. As a schedule, we will add NPC’s story quest through the early access delivery period and complete the main story. I want to refine the game for the official release. In addition, multiplayer mode will be tested in the future.

“My Time At Sandrock” is scheduled to start early access delivery for May 26, PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) at local time. In the future, console version is also scheduled to release.