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Is there multiplayer in Serious Sam 4?

SERIOUS SAM 4, the pre-suite of Croteam that has been preparing for nine years, marks the return of the cult classic. The title FPS of action has a long history of solo and multiplayer modes, and the fans expected this tradition to be found in the last adventure of Sam.

If you want to know if Serious Sam 4 will support the multiplayer, you are in the right place. SERIOUS SAM 2 and SERIOUS SAM 3: Bfe had online and local cooperative features, as well as PVP modes for online game and shared screen. So, SERIOUS SAM 4 will he follow them and will he have his own multiplayer mode?

Serious Sam 4 Co-op Gameplay / From Earth With Love
Yes, but not as packed as his predecessors. Serious SAM 4 will have any online cooperation only when launching on Stadia and PC via Steam. According to Steam of the game Page List, Serious Sam 4 will have this feature, but nothing indicates that it will support other types of multiplayer. It is possible that other ads will be announced before his release on September 24th. For now, however, this is the only option you will have to play alongside your friends.

Croiteam also has the ability to move to other multiplayer modes after launch. The game will be worn on consoles in the current of 2021, once its timed stadium exclusivity agreement will end. Once Serious Sam 4 arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and potentially on new generation systems, it could also include local cooperation if there is enough demand or Croteam can make it a reality.

If we get a confirmation on one of these fronts before the launch of the Serious SAM 4 PC, or before any possible revelation of the console port, we will update this guide.