Hasan Kahraman contacted Konami to talk about abandoned

After months of silence, _ abandoned _ once again returned to the attention of the public, although not for positive reasons. In this way, Hasan Kahraman, director of Blue Box Game Studios, study behind this project, was interviewed to clarify several doubts about this title. It was here where the director revealed that he contacted Konami, responsible for Silent Hill, to talk about the speculation surrounding him.

In an interview in the Sacred Symbols + podcast, Kahraman revealed that when all the rumors about abandoned being actually a game of Silent Hill began to circulate on the Internet, The developer contacted Konami to clarify the situation in which he was This was what was commented about:

“I approached them, I was stressed because people thought that [Abandoned] was Silent Hill. He went out of control, and you know, you are a small developer, you have never had a great audience, you have no experience. I approached Konami and said, “Hey, do you know what? It was never my intention ‘and they were really great. “

As you will remember, _abandoned, obtained a great level of attention after the official accounts of this game performed a series of small comparatives with Silent Hill. This gave rise to theories where it was pointed out that the work of Blue Box Game Studios was actually a new delivery in the acclaimed horror series, which was being developed by Hideo Kojima.

The Blue Box Game Studios Conspiracy Part 2 - Hasan Kahraman TALKS, Abandoned PS5 May NOT be Kojima!

However, It seems that today very few people believe this . The lack of new information, and a disappointment application for PS5 have spoiled any interest that people ever had for abandoned. Even many were surprised to hear that the game had not been canceled.

Editor’s note:

For this point, it will be better to forget abandoned completely. The game has stumbled again and again since its revelation, and it is difficult to see a good conclusion. While at the end of the day I can make mistake, and the final product is of great level, I would not be surprised if this was not the case.