Matarazzo and the VfB

Together, Stuttgart and Bielefeld 2020 were launched in the Bundesliga. The Armines as Master, the VFB as Vice. And in the upper house, this supremacy should continue according to numbers. All three games since then went to the East Westphalia, always zero. 1: 0, 2: 0, 3: 0 it was said. Worse it can hardly, it should not be, especially if it goes to the Swabian. “The games against the Arminia have sensitized us how we have to play against them to be able to insist,” explains Matarazzo. “We need a certain alertness, good deciseness. It may be that we have more the ball, but then we have to make the right decisions, at the right moment go into the risk, and always have enough players behind the ball.”

Typical DSC style: play behind the chain

In the training sessions of this week, the 44-year-old had to practice how to get the typical DSC game style with his long balls behind the chain, the aggressive pressing and counterpressing as well as the fast counterpart. Above all, the head, the game intelligence is asked. “It’s about realizing how much chance and how much risk is in each of our passports. It’s about wisdomeness, if the game is tight, and the right decision when the opponent goes to the counterpressing.” And it will be engraver. “Bielefeld is a team that collapses a few goals that are compactly defending because they are very little risk with ball possession. She plays a good counterpressing and is also able to shoot goals.”

Stuttgart's American coach Pellegrino Matarazzo: A dream to coach in the Bundesliga | Banter on ESPN

DSC for four games goatless – “It’s tough”

If not exactly many. Exactly taken with 22 the most allest the entire league in the previous season. Since four games, the Arminia has even been without gate and thus introduced the club’s own negative record from the preseason. What Matarazzo does not matter. “Even though they did not hit: they are always dangerous,” says the chef coach, which does not expect a peat festival. “All the games of the Bielefelder are very tight.” That’s why it’s clear now: “It gets tight, it gets tough.” For your own game that means a lot of work and more concentration than usual. “We want to be purposeful, want to play straight forward.” In order to finally set a final line under the negative series against the East Westphalia.