FC Barcelona – Gerard Pique: Derby against Espanyol better than sex

Gerard Pique reveals he dodged a drink driving charge when at Man United by sucking on a COIN
For Barca club icon Gerard Pique, the city of Espanyol Barcelona is even more significant than Clasico against Real Madrid – and even more exciting than a lot of private pleasure. “There is nothing comparable in the world. I would say it’s better than sex. I enjoy it much more than playing against Real Madrid,” said the life companion of Popikone Shakira in an interview with the Youtuber Jordi Wild.

After a year sporty celibacy, when Espanyol played in the second league, the citytrival of the large FC Barcelona returned to the upper house before the ongoing season. “I am pleased that Espanyol has risen into the 1st League, because we play in their stadium. I like to go, I’m constantly going out. You are laughing and the fans are still more acidic,” Pique said.

Pique and Shakira have been lying since 2010

As the statements on sex arrived at his girlfriend Shakira, is not tradition. Both have been together since 2010 and have two common sons.

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At the next sporty highlight against Espanyol, however, Pique needs to wait until the new season. In the current season, both clubs already met twice in the league. In the domestic Camp Nou won Pique and his colleagues 1: 0, in the away game at Espanyol there was a 2: 2.